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  • [25-06-2016] Big devil NBA journey full of expectations

    2016NBA draft will Chinese men's basketball star Zhou Qi into the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming away SkyCity after, will usher in a new Chinese players.

  • [24-06-2016] Ingram Brown second place third overall

    June 24, the annual draft come again. NBA president of Silverstone has announced the top three pick, signed with the champion Philadelphia 76ers chose this - Simmons.

  • [23-06-2016] Dnion booster NBA Finals live video

    Knight is the champion! All those who love basketball, should be glad that they witnessed an epic NBA Finals.

  • [22-06-2016] Rockets landed NBA this summer decided to favorite

    As one of the best wing player in Europe, with the Rockets this summer Jindi Lai hopes to sign a work contract. Timberwolves 2014 NBA Draft, in the second round of 53 overall pick Jindi Lai.

  • [26-06-2016] Two Chinese players NBA Prospects

    This year is small in the NBA draft, but it is for the Chinese players Danian. Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin two youngsters were rockets and grizzly bear phase, but the prospect of the two but may vary.