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  • [27-05-2016] NBA seven will lead the Olympic preparations

    In order to prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio, the second phase of the Chinese men's basketball team training has begun, and their Olympic with rival groups in the same in libingmoma.

  • [26-05-2016] Leonard James Wong led unsuccessful

    NBA officials announced the 2015-16 season, the best defensive team, the Spurs core 130 Leonard get all the first ballot, and Green, Paul, the small Jordan and Bradley was elected the best defensive.

  • [25-05-2016] Employees work obsessed NBA playoffs

    NBA playoffs in full swing, raging east and west of the finals so that the majority of fans worried incessantly.

  • [24-05-2016] Zhou Qi is time to bring talent to the NBA

    Was in full swing preparations for the 2016 NBA Draft Zhou Qi, yesterday participated in the NBA Suns workout.

  • [22-05-2016] Zhou Qi is expected to NBA first round pick

    Yesterday, the men's basketball team leader Chai Wensheng confirmed to participate in the NBA draft in the United States Zhou Qi Chinese national team return home from time postponed.