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  • [26-08-2016] NBA 2k16 game playing method analysis

    NBA 2k16 in AI defense, network stability and overall grinding is a leap progress, is an amazing basketball game. Developers are still trying to improve the fluency of the game,

  • [25-08-2016] The measurement NBA 2k16 game IGN

    Although several works before the series screen is also very good, but the NBA 2k16 picture has significantly increased. To model all in more detail the body scan player,

  • [24-08-2016] NBA 2k16 game analysis skills

    Back cover: the player at a block slice tactical/cover by players in attack. If the player shot under cover of his teammates, his shot attribute will improve at 4 o 'clock.

  • [23-08-2016] NBA 2k16 game skills introduce

    This player lady who must have a physical level at least 80, after finishing the dunk his teammates to get a small amount of physical growth.

  • [27-08-2016] The NBA announced the new schedule

    The NBA schedule released 2016-2016 season, the NBA finals last season will repeat itself on Christmas wars, and join the mighty Kevin durant will visit former club in February 2017 the thunder team.