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  • [29-09-2016] Yi Jianlian to return to NBA to start again

    NBA the Lakers held the season before the media day, for the new season, the Arab League said it was ready to play four or five position. The NBA team's media day,

  • [28-09-2016] NBA 2k17 operation and system changes

    Article 2k17 layup also have a shot.So in difficult layup and body collision 2 + 1, you will feel is our technology to make the score, rather than pray it's still not into the ball into the.

  • [26-09-2016] NBA 2k17 different analysis of and NBA 2k16

    In NBA 2k16, players can only choose balance, offense and defense style, while the signature style need to subsequent game to unlock, these three styles is not conducive to the player's gaming experie

  • [22-09-2016] NBA 2k17 new gameplay features first

    NBA 2k17 basketball fans feast is about to come, to see what the NBA 2k17 play function together. 1, limited locker code, change from the code is the course of basketball,

  • [25-09-2016] NBA 2k17 career mode evaluation

    NBA series every year out of work, NBA published by 2k17 and to work on the NBA 2k16 has been a huge success,